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Radiant Health

Facilitated Healing: gently, naturally, effectively.

Serving the Denver and Boulder Area


Alison Leitheiser

My passion is to help facilitate the body's return to it's own innate healing cycle. I have limited time with a client during any given week, so education about preventative self-care  and rehabilitative ideas to do at home are vital. Creating an empowering self healing tool belt for yourself as well as to share with your loved ones. Not one body is the same, not one path to healing is the same. My wide range of trainings and techniques allow me to develop a treatment plan as specialized and unique as you are. 


Integrative Manual Therapy is based on the idea that the systems of the body are interdependent and related. It uses a unique combination of diagnostics and treatment methods that assess and treat pain, dysfunction, disease and disability to restore whole health.


MAT assesses and treats muscle imbalance. Popular among athletes including the Denver Broncos, MAT can greatly decrease pain, improve range of motion and facilitate recovery. Through specialized techniques, MAT helps assist the nervous system and the muscular system to more efficiently communicate with one another and allow you to excel at daily activities and physical goals. 


Biophoton is a combination of Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy delivered to the body through Light Therapy. The Biophoton unit analyzes the body at each session through the meridian endings on the hands and feet. Injury and illness can cause incoherent / chaotic frequencies in the body that can be neutralized and when treated can lead to profound changes and healing. 

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